Color Offset Printing

samples of colorful offset printing

Commercial color offset printing is the gold standard for high quality print media. It is an excellent solution for many projects that require a run length of more than 1000 pieces and a time line that allows for 3-5 business days for completion. Specialty Pantone (PMS), metallic and varnish inks can be used for richer visual impact and corporate branded colors.

Beginning in 1999 when Sorrento Mesa Printing began submitting offset printing projects to be judged in competition with its peers, we have won 16 major national awards including one "Best of Show". We feel our quality standards are second to none and it reflects in the printing we produce.

Sorrento Mesa Printing has a very green footprint with respect to it's offset capabilities. We use G7 certified ink jet proofing for accuracy, and thermal Computer-to-Plate (CTP) aluminum plates that develop with plain tap water. We recycle all of our waste ink, plates and all of the leftover paper and trimmings from your projects. We're very proud of our low environmental impact.

Some projects like corporate stationery, envelopes and long run business card shells (masters) for larger companies are much more economically produced as one or two color offset printing projects. Offset or Digital? The more we know about your project the better recommendation we can make for an affordable effective solution for your San Diego business.