Foam Board Mounting

A woman presenting a poster mounted on foam board

Mounting your posters to Foam Board gives them added durability and makes them ready to hang on any wall or trade show booth. At Sorrento Mesa Printing we have numerous options for you to choose which Foam Board is right for you.

  • Fom-Core is our most economical choice. It provides strength with a lower cost than other options. It is intended for rigid mounting with no bend or flexibility.
  • Gatorfoam also known as "Gator Board" provides a stronger solution at slightly higher cost. It gives more strength than Fome-Cor with a thinner caliper. It is also intended for rigid mounting with no bend or flexibility.
  • Sintra is a PVC Foam that gives you the strength of Gatorfoam with the added feature of flexibility to bend. This is an excellent choice for trade show booths that have curvature and Sintra also has the added feature of being waterproof and combined with a laminated print is an excellent solution for outdoor graphics.

Mounting combined with lamination is the most durable solution for your San Diego display graphics requirements. For table top stands we can apply easels in various sizes depending on the size of your project. Check out our section on lamination to see all of your options.