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Podcast #4  

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Samples of colorful business cards

There can be no more important document you give to someone than your business card. It can speak volumes about you after you're no longer there to speak for yourself. How it looks and feels can leave a lasting impression. Sorrento Mesa Printing prints large volumes of business cards for San Diego. From the individual looking for a unique and memorable card, all the way up to international corporations that have thousands of employees and must project a consistent brand identity. And everything in between.

If you're a corporate buyer looking for a trusted resource, we have password protected online branded portals with variable data engines to create business cards on the fly where you can enter information, visually approve and submit your orders online. These can be accessed either by a business card "czar" responsible for placing orders, or distributed access to all the employees with a review process that must be cleared by HR before the order is allowed to proceed. Our systems are flexible, consistent and secure for these transactions to occur nationally or internationally.

Sorrento Mesa Printing can print business cards with our digital presses for short run high impact requirements, or produce them conventionally for larger accounts through offset masters or "shells" and then imprint the variable information on demand. We'll always present you with the most cost effective option.

For a little more flair and impact consider embossing and/or foiling your business cards to stand out from the crowd.