Color Digital Printing

Samples of colorful digital printing

Digital color printing has evolved over the last few years to become a powerful business tool that can be used to persuade, inform and yield benefits not possible with conventional offset printing. San Diego businesses of all types can benefit from the flexibility and immediacy of digital color printing.

Digital color printing has the following advantages:

  • Shorter Run Lengths - Since digital printing does not require the lengthy press setup time, plates, ink washes and all the other items involved with offset litho printing there is very little price penalty for short and ultra short runs. Instead of one version of a brochure, you can elect to have multiple versions each with a specifically targeted message to a specifically targeted audience.
  • Fast Turnaround - Since digital printing does not require conventional inks to dry, your projects can be printed, trimmed and folded all in the same day. Great for those last minute deadlines and changes.
  • Multiple originals - If you have a multi page document it can be printed, collated, stitched and trimmed all inline and all in one step. This makes full color short run booklets, reports and press releases all very affordable.
  • Variable Data Printing (VDP) - Variable data printing can give you the ultimate tool in extremely specific target marketing where every piece can be different. Varying text and images can be used depending on the specifics and details of the data you have available. This technology is not available with conventional offset printing and can be a marketing tool that gives you greater response and increased ROI on your marketing spend. Please see our section on Variable Data Printing for more details.

We have found that the price break even point between offset and digital printing for a full color single page document is about 1000 impressions. If the above four criteria are not relevant and your quantity needed is greater than 1000, then Color Offset Printing may be your best choice. Please see our section on Color Offset Printing for more details.