Our Environmental Footprint

Through the years, we have been a leader in managing our business in a way that impacts the environment in a friendly, positive, and thoughtful manner. Long before others were paying attention to environmental issues, we implemented the following Environmental Vision and Management Policy:

  • We recycle tons and tons of paper every month. We have blue recycle collection bins spread throughout the production areas so we capture all of the waste, make ready and trimmings so that no paper makes it to the landfill.
  • We use recycled papers whenever possible, and encourage others to do the same.
  • We use inks and toners that are recyclable.
  • We use a minimum amount of chemicals and solvents that are almost 100% water soluble, bio-degradable, and recyclable.
  • Our Computer-To-Plate (CTP) system images on aluminum printing plates for our offset presses that are developed with tap water and have no harmful chemistry. We recycle all the aluminum plates.
  • A very important way that we urge our customers to partner with us in our environmental efforts is by using our digital/internet ordering, proofing, and reordering system. Use of our digital ordering system enables all of us to save substantial amounts of gasoline and other raw materials.
  • If you have suggestions about how we could further reduce our environmental impact, please call us with your ideas.