Client Testimonials

We are honored to share these comments from the people who we have had the opportunity to work with both as clients and peers.

"Everything was awesome. Keep up the great work :)"
-Tamra Cera

"Keep doing what you do! Thanks Scott!"
-Judy Susser-Travis

"Scott, you are very personable, service-driven, and receptive to critical feedback. These aspects provide added value to your overall services rendered. Keep up the good work!"
-Elvin Piring

"Sorrento Mesa is a perfect case study on how a production/service company should be organized, managed and perform. Thank you to the entire TEAM at Sorrento Mesa!"
-Patrick Parsons

"I'm quite satisfied with my service and people I talk to. They are nice and make sure I'm taken care of."
-Roey Sardina

"You have done flawless on time printing of the highest quality for me over that past 4 years. You are a 5 Star business."
-Will Marre

"Great experience top to bottom."
-Russ Davis

"Everthing was handled very professionally. I have no complaints. Job Well done!"
-Bob Rossi

"All was perfect. Staff was kind and thoughtful."
-Walt Madden

"You guys are really impressive. Thanks for helping us two times in a row with SUPER tight deadlines."
-Glynn Turquand

"Sorrento Mesa Printing was amazing throughout the whole process! I have no suggestions because it was such an easy process. Scott worked with me through every step to make sure we were doing the right thing, the best way, for a big event that we were printing for. Keep doing what you're doing!"
-Mackenzie Simmonds

"The turnaround time was amazing and the quality of the business cards are great!"
-Nick Mancillas

"Everything was handled professionally and delivered early."
-Douglas Scott

"Honestly, Scott – I think you folks are top-notch - ALL FIVE STARS!!!
I’ve been with Tioga for nearly eight years (and Forward Ventures for part of that time as well), and I can’t say enough good things about you.
Pricing – competitive with others
Convenience – you’re nearly right around the corner; easy pick-up
Customer Service – I don’t even know where to start; from the get-go everyone has been courteous, knowledgeable and professional
Turnaround Time – I’ve been impressed by how often jobs have been done early; we have never panicked because something went wrong on your end.
Quality – excellent."
-Marie Watson-Ching

"Scott and his team do wonderful work and are a great resource!"
-Amy McNally

"Everything taken care of in timely manner and telephone personnel were on it! Pleasure to do business with you again. Appreciate such good service since we know we are small potatoes!"
-Joanna Rhoades

"Scott was very helpful, we were having difficulty with our designer, colors and printers and he came to our office to help us learn what we needed exactly. They did a wonderful job."
-Marisa Mays

"Sorrento Mesa Printing did an outstanding job on our invitations. Karen is exceptionally nice and very accommodating. I am doing all my print jobs here from now on!"
-January Black

"Sorrento Mesa makes ordering business cards so easy! The team is wonderful too and always willing to go the extra mile!"
-Shelby Demuth

"Both Karen and Lisa do a great job! They are very responsive and assist any time I need help!"
-Chrissy Iemma

"I can't think of any area that needs improvement. Even though I've worked with Sorrento Mesa for years, I'm still amazed at how quickly you deliver!"
-Debbie Kimble

"Your team is amazing. They are always willing to work with us on last-minute projects and the items produced are always professional and well-made. Thank you!"
-Kristina Raffaniello

"You guys are perfect in every way, and always exceed my expectations (from the quality of the final product, to the excellent customer service, to the speedy turnaround)."
-Liz Park

"Scott, Everything went very well. We had some changes that we needed and they were taken care of very quickly. Lisa did a fantastic job!"
-Tim Manly

"I've been really pleased with your service and the level of detail you put into explaining things to me. Understanding the print process at a granular level allows me to design with a clearer vision of the final product. Thanks for all you do, looking forward to more. God bless you. "
-Andrew Sommer

"The quality of your work is outstanding! The speed, professionalism, and courtesy of all the staff I've had the pleasure of speaking to is excellent! Five Stars!"
-Zeven Craig

"I think you do a great job. Nothing can be done to improve the experience!"
-Melonie Chin

"The best of the best!"
-Courtney Lawver

"Thank you Scott for this entire process. The "over-run" has been very much appreciated as it gave us an additional piece to speak to the scope of our event. Our expectations were totally exceeded!"
-Maryann Blinkhorn

"Scott and Lisa are amazing to work with, their attention to detail is incredible. I feel their main goal is to provide you with high quality products in a very timely manner. They make my job easier, I am thrilled to have them as a resource."
-Bonnie Grisandra

"EXTREMELY easy to do business with you. You and your staff responded very quickly to emails. I appreciate the sensitivity and confidentiality demonstrated regarding my product as well."
-Shannon Shean

"Sorrento Mesa has been outstanding in every regard and I highly recommend them to any business."
-Paul Mirabella

"I am recommending you to all in our working community. It has been a long time since we found a reliable, reasonably priced company that is easy to work with and produces a high quality product. Thank you for your excellent support."
-Rick Ponce

"Amazing work and guidance in assisting us with our new company branding. Splendid quality! Thank you!"
-Carol Dulawan

"Your staff is always willing to help and very efficient and knowledgeable!"
-Arnetta Johnson

"I am a realtor and was in a pinch because another company could not produce my flyers on time for my open house. I called your company and within a day they had my flyers ready. I was very impressed with the service and the fact that your employees took the time to help me so quickly."
-Aurie Kay

"I've been doing business with you for a long time now and I love love what you do for me! The finished results are always perfect, staff is professional, friendly, reliable. I wouldn't change anything!"
-Janet Scofidio

"I have nothing but compliments for everyone I worked with for both their customer service and responsiveness as well as their technical expertise. Thank you for a job well done!"
-Alaina Stark

"I am continually impressed by the professional customer service provided by Sorrento Mesa Printing and the quality of their printing. Because of their flexibility and reliable service, we view Sorrento Mesa Printing more as a business partner than an outside vendor."
-Cinnamon Tillotson

“The staff at Sorrento Mesa Printing are always helpful and quick to respond to our project needs. Scott is a wealth of knowledge in the print industry, always available to help with any project, from simple digital print work to complex offset printing projects. I would highly recommend Scott for his exceptional work ethic, talented staff and outstanding results."
-Amy Vavrunek

“Although I've only been working with Scott since the beginning of 2008, we have developed a strong working relationship. He has delivered consistently excellent results. His advice has also included cost-savings and process improvements for new projects we've developed. I view Scott as an expert in the printing business. He is supported by an excellent team of employees who back him up every step of the way. I am pleased to have him as a vendor - 'he makes our company look good!'”
-Paula Gray

“It is rare these days to find an individual and a firm as focused, passionate, and as committed to top quality service and deliverables as Scott's business, Sorrento Mesa Printing. Scott leads by example. He and his staff members demonstrate everyday that personal service and pride in what you do really matters. It was a pleasure and a privilege to assist his team in defining their message. Scott and his crew are what every business should be -- top quality, personable, and of the highest degree of integrity!”
-Denise Herich

“Since at least 1990, I've hired Scott and Sorrento Mesa Printing on behalf of previous employers, clients, and now my own business. Throughout that time, I've been able to count on Scott to deliver an excellent product in a cost-effective way. My business may be small, but to Scott and his staff, that doesn't appear to mean it's unimportant. Scott is knowledgeable, creative in finding ways to meet my objectives, and really nice, and I'm pleased to recommend him.”
-Christine Robbins

“Scott makes sure that his company, Sorrento Mesa, provides top-quality work on time, every time. He works closely with the writers and purchasers at Illumina to ensure that everything goes smoothly, and is always there to help on fast turnaround projects. It is clear that our success is a priority for him.”
-Kathleen Pierce

“Highly recommended. I say that without reservation because I have had the opportunity to work with Scott on many concepts and projects. He is very smart, and a true innovator. I think of him as a "thought leader" in the printing industry and a creative source of inspiration for me. I get a lot of new ideas from him. When your company considers its next printing purchase, I would strongly urge you to consider the tremendous value-added benefit to working with Scott and his creative team at Sorrento Mesa Printing. I promise you—you'll get much more than you pay for. You won't regret your decision...”
-Mike Stevens

“Working with Scott and the Sorrento Mesa Printing team has been a great experience! Scott has allowed us to streamline the ordering of our printed materials. He has set up an online print and fulfillment site that allows our employees in the US and other countries worldwide, to order material quickly and efficiently. He and his staff are always available and very responsive in providing customer service and help desk functions to make sure everything runs smoothly. Scott's company produces printing that is consistent in appearance and preserves our worldwide brand. I highly recommend Scott and his staff at Sorrento Mesa Printing.”
-Michelle Vollmer

“Scott has, more than once, gone above and beyond to provide outstanding service to me on some very complicated print jobs. He always provides expert advice on how to get the best results, and save money, on every project. I can't imagine using another printing company.”
-Kathi Kirchmeier

“Scott has created an extraordinary company based on the foundation of hard-working and client-focused employees, a strong expertise in printing, and a commitment to high levels of customer service. We have utilized his services since 2006 and he has become very familiar with our specific needs, never failing to make the best recommendation for our projects. His team is always professional, courteous, and quick to respond to printing requests. I know I can rely on his company for the best products and services.”
-Rumpasri Chicharoen

“Scott Cappel has developed his company of Sorrento Mesa Printing into one of the top business printing firms in all of San Diego, relied on by companies like mine, of $200M in sales, up to the multi-billion dollar companies like Intel. Scott has the highest integrity and commitment of anyone I have hired or worked with in printing and his attention to detail and management style, putting customer satisfaction above all else, is why I highly recommend Scott Cappel and Sorrento Mesa Printing. One more thing... You will not find higher quality service or production at better value pricing anywhere in Southern California, I assure you!”
-Craig Frahm

“I have counted on Scott's firm for many years. I've needed high-quality work, often in a very tight timeline. I've come to think of Scott as a friend and a partner. Scott is also a leader in technology advances in his industry and often makes recommendations for improvements and/or efficiencies that I was not aware of. I remember the catch phrase "everyone hates their printer." I haven't used that phrase in a long, long time. I'm a fantastic for logo integrity and professional presentation. Scott's firm is set up to support this standard at a reasonable price and timely turnaround.”
-Kirt Wilson

“I'm glad to endorse Scott and his team at Sorrento Mesa Printing. Their attention to detail, commitment to deadline, flexibility, and gregariousness are first class. Sorrento Mesa Printing is my printing vendor of choice, I easy recommend them, and most importantly I recommend Scott, the man behind the curtain!”
-Ian LeWinter

“Scott is a tremendous resource for peers in the printing industry. He possesses a rare combination of technical computer expertise, management acumen, and sales savvy. He is a firm believer in actively seeking print buyers who understand the value he brings to the table. In my experience Scott is always on the forefront as the printing industry changes, looking for new ways to service customers, increase production efficiency, or gain new customers. In this way he's grown a successful business. It's a pleasure working with Scott. He does his homework, is knowledgeable, open to new ideas, and it's fun to discuss issues and trends of day with him when the opportunity arises.”
-Steve Ciesemier

“It's too bad you can only choose three from the list of seven attributes, because Scott consistently manages them all: great results, personable, expert, good value, on time, high integrity and creative. Scott loves what he does and loves doing the best possible job he can every time. His proactive stance in training clients on the Adobe In Design software when it first came out was outstanding.”
-Cynthia Jones

“Having owned and operated Bayou Printing & Graphics since March of 1983, I can say without hesitation that if I were to close my printing company and become involved with a business that relied heavily upon printing, Scott Cappel would be my choice of printers. His knowledge of the industry is far beyond most of the hundreds of owners I've come to know, and his honesty and integrity is unsurpassed. During the 12 years I've known Scott, he's gone out of his way countless times to help me with a variety of issues. He has a solid reputation for doing the same for his customers and employees, which is one of the many things that separates Scott from his competitors. Serious print buyers realize that what Scott brings to the table is something money can't buy. He isn't a typical printer - he's also a communications and advertising consultant, technician, consultant and partner to his clients. In case you're wondering, Scott did not solicit this recommendation. He doesn't need it. Just ask any of his customers.”
-Jace Prejean

“I have utilized Scott Cappel and Sorrento Mesa Printing on numerous creative works over the past 15 years. He is one of the most detail oriented, meticulous and creative people working in the industry today. Scott provides exceptional quality work on deadline and will not take on a project if the deadline is unreasonable. In addition to being superior at his craft, Scott has also become and incredible resource in the creative community. If I want the job done right, on time and with the highest integrity I don't look any further. Scott, thank you for your continued commitment to printing education and excellence!”
-Nikki Mayer

“I have consistently been impressed by Scott's quality of work and his ability to meet my strict printing deadlines! He is a pleasure to work with and provides suggestions to keep cost down but quality intact.”
-Jennifer MacDonald

“Scott has provided me with business consulting and printing services for over 20 years. He is truly one of the most intelligent, hard working, and ethical individuals I have encountered. I have the utmost respect for what he has accomplished including his high level of integrity and vast knowledge.”
-Michael Nettie